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Carlos Dinares is a rowing visionary who is committed to improving the sport. Improvements are measured through speed on the water, but it is the training on the land that Carlos sees the most room for improvement. The dynamic erg is the key.

Born in Barcelona, Carlos has been rowing since he was thirteen. He has a degree in sports science and an MBA. After his own career as an oarsman, Carlos moved to the administrative side of the sport. In 2004 he was the executive director of the World Rowing Championships in Banyolas, Spain. After the event was over, Carlos needed a change. He wanted to get back to the things he loves about the sport—the water, the athletes, the training—and away from its politics.

Carlos immigrated to the US in 2004. He began coaching Ursula Grobler, a 26 year old recreational rower in whom Carlos saw huge potential. In 2010 Ursula broke the lightweight women’s 2000m world record on a static rowing machine by two seconds. She went on to win the lightweight double at the World Cup in Bled, Slovenia and earned a silver medal in the lightweight quad at the World Championships in Karapiro, New Zealand. A key to Ursula’s success? The dynamic erg.

While coaching Ursula, Carlos also volunteered his time at the University of Washington, beginning in the fall of 2006. Carlos brought his unabashed love for the sport to the UW boathouse every day and soon found his niche: he became the doctor of pain: the coordinator of land workouts. In June of 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 the UW won the Ten Eyck trophy, awarded to the team with the most points at the IRA Championship Regatta.

Carlos was mentored by Casper Rekers, an engineer and the inventor of the Rowperfect, the original dynamic erg. Cas believed in technology’s ability to teach both coordination and power. Cas thought for himself and the result is a better method, a better machine and better results.

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  1. Kris Aguero says:

    Carlos, the site looks great! Connect with @ShuttleSystems on twitter and i’ll be sure to keep the conversation going about your new site.


  2. Despres says:

    ?Hola Carlos ?

    ?Qué tal parte de tu nuevo trabajo vendendiendo Row perfect ergos?
    ?Tienes todavia atletas que preparas ? Si quieres venir en Baiona para un campo de entrenamiento, sabes que eres bienvenido, que tenemos buenas condiciones de entrenamiento y dormiraras en mi casa.

    Espero que podremos encontrarse de nuevo sobre las competiciones internationales y reflexionar sobre eficacidad (efficiency) del remado y del mejor medio de ir mas rapido. Leio con mucha attencion tu sitio y hay muchas cosas que describes que yo experimenté todavia.

    Yo tambien busco la optimizacion de mis entrenamientos y como te le he dicho en Karapiro me gusta las sensaciones del ergo mobil y me parece que el row perfect seria una buena solucion para muchas razones : minimizar los riesgos de problemas fisicos : yo tengo casi todos los anos pequenos problemas de rodillas y dorsal, tambien me he herrido tres veces con el concept 2 porque durante la medida de la fase de propulsion, algunos concept2, cuando estan transportados sin dano de un sitio de entrenamiento al otro, como con el equipio de Francia, no tienen resistencia sin aviso. Me he herrido los abdos (vientro) tres veces (deciembre 2007, mayo 2010 y enero 2011) con algunos dias o semanas de descanso fuerzado, no pudo defender mi titulo de campeon de Francia en 2- en la copa del mundo de Bled este ano y temo un poco subir sobre estos ergos Concept2 de la federacion (que tienen 5 o 6 anos).
    Mas importante, me parece muy importante tecnicamente y pienso que permitira improver sobre los 2000 metros concept2 obligatorios (para el momento). Estoy seguro que en el pais del remado puro y con mi imagen y marketing, yo podria venderlos.

    ?Piensas que el fabricante pudiera ser interesado y dar me un RowPerfect de demonstracion ? ?Puedes hacer el vinculo con el fabricante ?

    En el plazer de quedar en contacto,

    Amistad de Julien Despres

  3. Sarah Willett says:

    Good Morning Carlos,
    It was just shared with me that you have offered middle /high school girls rowing groups at Lake Samish. I am interested to learn more. My daughter is 15 she is a Ferndale High School student. Her current athletic passions evolve around, dance and gymnastics.
    Thank you

  4. Briant Canha says:

    I started coxing at 12 and at 13, I picked up a sweep oar.
    I am now 53 years old and still trying to recover.
    I am an example of everything that is wrong with rowing in the US.
    I learned in a coxed 4+…I felt like a wimp because the cool thing was to row in the big eights!
    The eights were cool, the scullers…if you could find them were old guys who got in the way or some nameless other people with the funny little oars (and presumably no friends who would never have a chance as a macho sweep guy in an 8).
    After high school I left the sport. At 5’7″ 145 lbs, college rowing was nothing to look forward to. I wasn’t stupid. Maybe I could make a freshman light weight boat, but freshman year would be mean rowing with kids who didn’t know how to row at all only so I’d get kicked out by the midweights sweating down in a year or two.
    Small boats? Forget it. They didn’t exist. I got out.
    I thought rowing was over for me.
    It was only 22 years later that I came back to the sport, but this time, much to my (initial) disgust it was sculling. Dinky oars, solitary workouts etc. So, I tried and failed to go back to sweep. Impossible. No way to coordinate schedules with other guys, finding a coxswain…forget it.
    I finally resigned myself to sculling and started to figure out what rowing is really all about.
    What a wake up call.
    Now I avoid ex-sweepers like the plague. It takes them at least 2 years to make the transition and even then I can immediately tell what side they used to row. They squirm on the drive, hang one leg out, jerk their heads around, try to kill fish at the catch and sit on their seats like Buddah. They have to be told everything what to do, can’t steer, have no sense of rythm and wish they were back in a sweep boat.
    I prefer people who know nothing. They have no bad habits, no attitude and are happy to pick up a new sport. Coaching from the bow of the 2x is the easiest (as long as I can keep them from the “learn to row” programs before they are ruined).
    Transitioning from sculling to sweep is a joke.
    I made damn sure my son never touched a sweep oar until he was a decent sculler. One day i just put him in the pair with me…the boat set up like a barge, I gave him a few pointers and that was it.
    Sweeping and everything that goes along with it when it is used as an introduction to rowing is just plain wrong.
    At least when I was a kid there were no C2 ergs. It’s probably what saved my back. The streets are full of guys just 5 years younger than me who were broken by that thing and will never see the inside of a boathouse again. Best way to ruin a good athlete>
    My son introduced me to your web site and I agree with everything in there. Especially about the C2 erg and USRowing. The best thing that could ever happen is to scrub them both out along with all the old dinosaurs (boludos atomicos) ruining our young athletes with sweep rowing.
    Shaking up the US rowing community is the best thing that could ever happen. They have done nothing close to impress anyone other than perhaps themselves.
    Your blog is great.

  5. Pat Salvatore says:

    Hey Carlos,
    Your instructional videos are amazing. I’m really paying attention to the advice you give. However I don’t really know if it’s working. I was wonder is I could send you a short clip of me rowing on my erg?

  6. Laura says:

    Thanks for the website and all of your posts!

    I wanted to suggest that you reorganize the blog section so that it is easier to read your older blogs rather than have to scroll through each page one at a time. Plus you could group the blogs by categories that would make it easier for viewers to sort through and read about certain topics.

    Keep ‘em coming!

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