Breaking News: is taking a new direction. Stay tuned!

After 200 Tips NonStop I’m launching a New Weekly Series.

Starting very soon I will be talking every week about a topic that I will develop over 3 blog posts.
The first Blog post will talk about the technical aspect of the topic and what it is.
The second Blog post will explain how I train and develop rowers for this on land and on the water or what are my personal choices and why.
The third Blog post will show some videos of rowers doing it right, wrong and also will explain how some top coaches and National Teams develop them or use or what are their choices.

I’m going to be talking about different rowing tips like:

The catch, the release, the balance, drills, measurements, posture, training, weights, technique, style, mentality, motivation, race strategy, starts, moves, recovery, grip, speed, power, injuries, rigging, oars, boats, ergs, selection, seat racing, race preparation, training for different events, training for different distances, development of a young rower, how to develop right, How to step up after losing, how to keep humble after winning……

Coming Soon!

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