Carlos’s Tip # 102: Carlos Dinares: How important is to row on good water conditions?

Carlos Dinares knows that this is an important question that many people don’t have an answer for. Carlos Dinares has his own opinion about it. This is the reason why he has moved to Lake Samish and decided to live there.

Carlos can understand different water conditions levels. These are some of the different water conditions you can find to row:

- Perfect water conditions with not wind and no movement at all of the water.
- Flat with current.
- Flat with a bounce movement.
- Flat with power boats waves.
- Flat with wind.
- Not flat from wind.
- Not flat from wind with current.
- Not flat from wind with power boat waves.

For Carlos Dinares this is a very difficult question to answer because there are many rowers that don’t have the chance to change what they get because they cannot move to another location to find better water. Many rowers row on the conditions they have where they live. Carlos Dinares knows that elite athletes are some of the ones that move to locations looking for good water conditions.

Carlos Dinares opinion is clear and direct: The better the water the easier is to fully relax and learn to feel the boat and the body. Rowing is a sport of gliding and feel and when the conditions get hard it is a lot harder to do the movement correctly.
There are 2 different aproaches to bad water conditions:
1) When the wind, waves or current that make the water not perfect is always the same.
2) When the wind, waves or current that make the water not perfect is changing.

Under Carlos Dinares opinion on the first situation the rower can adapt to whatever is happening and be constant to this change.
On the second situation the rower is being confused by the conditions changing all the time.

For Carlos Dinares the ideal is to row as much as possible on good water conditions. This way the rower can fully relax and learn to feel the boat and his body and the coach can help him with feedback. When the conditions get difficult the rower is changing every stroke to adapt to whatever he is feeling. This situation makes really difficult for the rower to learn to feel the boat or his body and also makes really hard to relax to get good coaching.

Carlos Dinares answer is: It is really important to try to row as much as possible while developing on perfect water conditions. This way the rower can really feel the boat and the effect of what he is doing every stroke. When the rower is better, windy conditions that are simulating windy racing are good to challenge the rower to adapt. Carlos Dinares believes that you are good on windy conditions when you are fully relax and fully aware of the boat and your body. For Carlos Dinares the rower can become really good on windy conditions when he can fully relax and be perfect on flat water conditions.

Rowing on current, windy conditions and on power boat waves makes the learning process harder and the relaxation almost impossible. For Carlos Dinares it is really important that rowers have access to good water to learn to row and relax. Later on the process these rowers can get challenged with wind and waves. For Carlos Dinares rowing on windy conditions simulating windy racing is an exercice to adapt and learn to deal with the conditions.

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