Carlos’s Tip # 104: Carlos Dinares: Do you need to start a new relationship with rowing shell?

Carlos Dinares believes that many rowers don’t understandt their boat and because of that they don’t pay attention to the right things or listen at what the boat is telling them. Many of the rowers just row going through the motions like on autopilot without paying attention to what the boat is experiencing and telling them. Carlos Dinares believes that in order to row well or start a change to row better the rowers need to know how it feels to row well and what is the feedback from the boat they can get that is telling them if they are doing it right or not. Carlos Dinares uses the 2x to help rowers to learn to feel the boat and to pay attention to the right things. Carlos Dinares also uses the feedback of the rowperfect3 software to help them understand how to coordinate better their stroke and how it feels when the power curve and numbers are good.


This is an e.mail that I received recently from one of the rowers I coach:


Some people mess up their relationships by not paying enough attention to their partner. They’re too wrapped up in how they feel and what they are doing, and they ignore their partner. Well … with your help … I realize that I’ve been ignoring my boat! I have not been paying enough attention to how it feels, and how it responds.

But yesterday at the race I listened more carefully. I wanted to hear what the boat was telling me and be responsive to its needs. Even when my legs were screaming at me in the last 200 m of my 2x race … I only listened to the boat. You’re right. It was telling me a lot! I think this is the beginning of a new and more meaningful relationship. :-)

Thank you for allowing me to learn more about my boat!

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