Carlos’s Tip # 105: Tuesday night 8:15pm… What is Carlos Dinares doing…

It is Tuesday night and I just got home from Bellingham before I recorded this video. When i was driving around Lake Samish to get to the house …. ”This DREAM HOUSE on this DREAM lake…” I decided to do something different that I wasn’t going to do ….

When I was 21 years old I had a motorbyke accident and I almost died… I was in a hospital bed, unable to speak or move. I was in coma. I lost my spleen and got broken bones, problems on my liver and on and on… During the long and painful recovery I found the true love of my life.. the thing that was really important to me. I found that out after this accident… The question that came first to my mind over and over: Carlos, Can you keep rowing? What it means to don’t have a spleen…

I’m 40 years old, 19 years later and it is 9pm and I got an amazing row in flat water all to honor the chance to do it again! … Thank you life!

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