Carlos’s Tip # 106: Carlos Dinares talks about acceleration in rowing

Carlos Dinares talks in this video about acceleration in rowing and why it is so important. Carlos has clear that what moves the boat is the blade work and the better increase of speed of the boat from catch to release the better. Carlos Dinares wants everybody to have clear that Speed is the how much velocity one has and Acceleration is the change of velocity over time. This means that the ideal situation is to produce as much positive acceleration as possible during the drive. Carlos Dinares knows that we can have a higher speed on the boat at the release than at the start of the drive being disconnected and having negative acceleration on the second part of the drive. What Carlos Dinares talks in the video is that in order to be producing acceleration on the boat or the erg flywheel during the drive all the time that is the ideal, the rower needs to have a constant pressure on the pin. This pressure is generated by good connection to the water and good leverage feet against handle.

3 good tips for Carlos Dinares to feel ACCELERATION:

a) The noise of the flywheel increasing speed over time.

b) The feel of pressure of the toes and feet against the footplate.

c) The feel of pressure of handle, grip against the hand, fingers.

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