Carlos’s Tip # 107: Carlos Dinares: The C2 score is the SAT of rowing recruiting – Is this a good thing?

Carlos Dinares knows that many coaches in North America are using the Concept2 score to rank kids on their recruiting process. Carlos Dinares thinks that this is a system that can be improved. For Carlos Dinares a score on the concept2 machine doesn’t always reflect how fast the rower can be on the water. Carlos Dinares is working on this because he knows that every rower deserves a chance to be accepted on a top school for the real ability he has to move a boat and help the Team to win races and not the ability he has to move a static machine that doesn’t reflect his ability to move a boat.

Carlos Dinares opinion:

- If you have a kid and you want to help him, you will do as much as you can to provide him with a good education. If you try to get him into a top school you will need to have very good grades and an amazing college application. What Carlos Dinares doesn’t understand is why this whole process of getting these students into a good school is so perfect and have been developed to detail from the admissions department and in the rowing department is so away from reality. For Carlos dinares the process that coaches are using to rank their kids based on a Concept2 score is not the best it can be. Carlos Dinares knows that many rowers really want to get into a top school and could get a far more fair system if the real ability they have to help the Team to win on the water will be evaluated instead of a Concept2 static score.

For Carlos Dinares it is not just injuring our kids, it is not just teaching them the wrong coordination paths, it is not just giving them a score that doesn’t really relates with their body weight, it is not just telling them that they are not good enough when they can really be, it is not just telling them they can succeed when they might never be able to because their good score doesn’t reflect their ability to move a boat…. For Carlos Dinares It is not only all that but also not giving them the chance to many of them to get accepted or a scholarship into the school they really dream when they are faster on the water.

Carlos Dinares believes that the system needs a dynamic rowing machine that scores kids by their real ability to move a boat, making them use their body and skills the same way they are used on the water, weight adjusted.


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