Carlos’s Tip # 112: Carlos Dinares: The Virtual Rower can help to solve the USA missing link!

Carlos Dinares believes that is very difficult to see the USA become a system like the Europeans where rowers row for many years. Also he thinks that the funding for rowers  and number of coaches at the National Team level is going to keep under the numbers of the Europeans. Said that we can see that is going to be difficult in the future to retain talent and have them rowing for several Olympic games. For Carlos dinares the solution to this missing link is to create the VIRTUAL ROWER.


For Carlos Dinares the virtual rower is the coach that knows how to teach with the use of a Dynamic ergometer that simulates the water correctly and gives very accurate feedback with the use of a computer software stroke after stroke.

Carlos Dinares is teaching rowers to move correctly with the use of the Rowperfect3 and his software and develop the right coordination, stroke and body strengths.

The virtual rower, the Rowperfect3 is going to teach the rowers the right way to move their body, is going to teach them about consistency and help them to develop strength on the right parts and muscles.

Carlos Dinares knows that Rowperfect3 is going to change rowing in the USA for better and is going to help rowers to learn to row better and faster.

Carlos has a question for you:

- How do you know when to open your body? At what speed to push your legs down? When to start to use your arms? What speed of the leg drive at the start and in the middle?

Carlos Dinares knows that the Rowperfect3 software can answer all these questions with the data displayed on the computer about the power curve, joules x stroke, relative peak force position, stroke length and stroke rate.

Carlos Dinares is very excited for the future to come!

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