Carlos’s Tip # 113: Carlos Dinares: 2 Big changes in rowing in the last 25 years

Carlos Dinares started rowing during the summer of 1984. At this time rowers were using macon blades. Macon blades are smaller blades than the hatchet blades.

FISA (The International Rowing Federation) has rules on what and how equipment can be changed and improved. Under FISA’s rules the blades were able to change during 1992. Crews changed from macon blades to big blades or hatchet blades during 1992. Why? Because boats were getting more speed.

At a cost? Carlos Dinares believes that there is a price for this increase of speed. Health, technique and rowing skills are the losers of this change.

During 1984 rowing machines were not used for training in Spain. Carlos Dinares remembers testing on the Geising, and old and heavy rowing machine made in the North of Europe. This machine was used for testing and not for training.

Carlos Dinares lists the Concept2 stationary rowing machine as the second big change in rowing in the last 25 years.

This is Carlos observation:

It is clear that if we compare rowing in 1984 and now we can see 2 huge changes that have impacted totally how crews row and do their training:

The BIG BLADE and the CONCEPT2 stationary rowing machine.

Carlos Dinares will share with you on the next 2 Tips his personal opinion on how these 2 changes have modified rowing and the way they have done it and what are the positives and the negatives under his personal opinion.

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