Carlos’s Tip # 115: 5 key principles for Carlos Dinares to become a faster rower

For Carlos Dinares it is not enough to just row or train going through the motions to become a better and faster rower. Carlos knows that to become faster one needs to make a choice and take responsability. There are choices out there and one needs to give up some things to become faster in rowing. One needs to decide what he wants. Carlos knows that many rowers are not getting better, they are just stationary or even getting worst as they get older and they blame their coach or their age. Carlos knows that they are getting slower or stationary because they are not following the 5 principles.

Carlos is still faster at age 40 than ever in his rowing life. Why? Because experience, making the right choices and following the 5 key principles every day to keep really competitive.

1) Control your stress and eat healthy and not too much.

2) Train smart. This means that you want to be sure that you are using perfectly the energy you have for this day doing the right work. If you don’t train  well you are getting tired and this energy is gone and you need to wait to the next day to get a workout that makes you faster….

3) Be sure you recover plenty to assimilate your workouts. You improve on the recovery. If you workout and don’t eat, sleep or rest enough, you won’t improve as much.

4) Have fun doing it. How do you have fun rowing? For Carlos Dinares you have fun in rowing by doing it right. Gliding on the water and rowing well with skill is fun!

5) Be consistent. This is a very important principle… This means that what makes you faster is to train consistently, like you brush your teeth every day. It is part of your daily life and it just happens every single day….

For Carlos Dinares these 5 rules are key to improve speed in rowing. If you want to become faster, read these 5 key principles and let me know how many of them you follow every day.

It is good that you start making changes in your life if you want to get faster in rowing because it is possible and to follow the 5 principles is a choice that you can make if you want.

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