Carlos’s Tip # 116: Carlos Dinares: Do you attack the catch like a cougar?

Carlos Dinares believes that rowers need to think about the aproach to the catch and the catch the same way a cougar attacks a bear. If you look at how a cougar gets ready to attack, it simulates very well how you should also get ready to attack the catch. For Carlos Dinares rowers need to prepare temselves on the recovery going trough a circuit and attacking the catch with inertia that will make them load their weight on the blade and get the boat with power and good rythm.

Carlos knows that the way rowers move and organize themselves on the recovey and how they use their recovery time will affect directly how direct and powerful is the catch. For Carlos looking at a cougar like in this picture ready to attack for food is how rowers need to prepare themselves to attack the water and load the blade and load their body weight, achieving suspension and taking weight away from the shell. For Carlos Dinares this concept of preparation and attack is key for rowers to understand how important is their recovery positioning and timing and their sequence of movements to an efficient catch.

In this video you can see this very good 2x on slow motion at the minute 2:28 preparing themselves and jumping to the catch at the right time simulating the cougar attack!

This crew loads their body weight perfect at the catch jumping at the right time. You can see also how well they move on the recovery to get a good catch and load well their body weight on the blade. Rowing well is playing well with your body weight in relationship with the shell.

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