Carlos’s Tip # 117: Carlos Dinares: The pirate hook and your rowing grip

Carlos Dinares likes to explain the grip to the oar like if you had a pirate hook at the end of your arm and used it to hang to the oar. For Carlos Dinares the grip is a key part of the rowing development because through the grip is how the rower will feel the water and load the blade. Also through a relax grip and well executed the oarsman will engage properly the correct parts of his body and row the more efficient stroke.

Carlos Dinares also likes to help understand the rowers he coaches the grip by asking them to hang to a bar and keep there as long as they can. How they will grip to the bar to last long? They will do that on the best way they can to last as long as possible. They for sure won’t squeeze the bar, instead they will use the hook system that is more efficient. They will let the bar rest on their fingers and just keep them close enough that the bar doesn’t go away. There is not need for squeezing the bar or the oar handle.

Carlos Dinares can feel and see the grip of the rowers he coaches from the bow of the 2x and see how a bad grip is a big limiting factor for a good blade control and good engagement of the right body parts. Also a bad grip is a big limitation to produce good efficient rowing.

Carlos Dinares likes to talk about the grip, wrist, elbow and shoulder position. All those for Carlos Dinares are related to each other and are the ones that help the rower to load the blade correctly and the body. A good grip will minimize injuries.

For Carlos Dinares several factors will determine how each rower will play with each one of those. It will depend on his rowing experience, development, body parts sizes and strengths and boat event and rigging of the boat.

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