Carlos’s Tip # 119: Carlos Dinares: Your personal DNA in rowing: Look at your hands!

Carlos Dinares finds really interesting the information that you can learn from looking at the hands of the rowers you coach or you are going to coach. Carlos believes that the hands of a rower can reveal plenty of good data of the training and rowing of the rower. By looking at the hands of a rower you can learn about the work the rower is doing and the level of connection of his rowing stroke. Carlos Dinares also likes to look at the parts of the hand that are getting blisters and friction from the oar handle to learn more about their rowing technique and efficiency.

For Carlos is surprising to see how many rowers are getting friction on the wrong parts of the hand. This is a big limiting factor to their rowing efficiency. Carlos idea is that rowers that engage properly their body and hang well their weight, have similar friction areas on their hands.

It is interesting to find out how much work rowers are getting by looking at their hands. Normally the more work and miles the more wear and tear on their hands. Carlos also believes that the way the rower will position his wrist, elbow and shoulder to engage his lats and core will have a reaction on the hand look and the positions of the wear and tear and blisters.

Carlos wants you to look at the hands of your rowers and start finding out how they look and if there is a relationship to their rowing technique, connection to the water and quantity of training.

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