Carlos’s Tip # 120: Carlos Dinares: Catch the water like an eye surgeon

For Carlos Dinares rowers should approach the learning of the catch and the approach of the blade to the water as an eye surgeon approaches the eye of his patient. Carlos believes that the action of the catch needs to be a precision movement that needs to be accurate and efficient. The catch is the point of the stroke where the blade enters the water. The goal of the catch is simple for Carlos: load the blade at the right time with the full potential drive to work on and with the minimal distress to the run of the boat. Carlos Dinares understands that if you upset the run of the boat you go slower and lose speed. An eye surgeon cannot upset the approach to the eye or make a mistake, the consequences can be a real disaster. Why rowers don’t think about the catch as a surgeon thinks about an eye?

Carlos knows that learning the approach to the water correctly takes lots of practice. The rower needs time and plenty of practice to develop the skill with the blade. Blade work is a key skill to become a good rower. Carlos believes that coaches can explain the catch by talking about placement, surgery and precision instead of hammering, chopping or destroying. You can achieve a fast catch placing the blade fast. You don’t need to hammer hard at the catch, you just need to take the water fast.

Here are 2 good examples of good approach to the water and good catch.

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