Carlos’s Tip # 138: How much you love rowing?

For a performer, love is the most basic ingredient for success. Without love for rowing you cannot achieve your best and last very long. When I coach people the first thing I do before I teach them to be fast and train hard is to develop in them the love for the sport of rowing. You’ve to love what you are doing to be the best you can be. This is why I do coach rowing, because I love rowing with all my heart.

If you love rowing with all your heart you can overcome any handicap, any major loss, all the pains and hard moments. If you want a become a good rower or a good coach you need to fall in love with the sport of rowing and everything that comes with it.

Coaches who love the sport and are passionate about it are contagious to others about their passion and their love for it. Normally if you have a  passion and love  you have a dream and a path to get the dream to become true.

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