Carlos’s Tip # 139: Do you know how to change the gears of your FERRARI?

What boat do you have? An Empacher, a Filippi, a $10000 1x? Do you know how to balance your competitive 1x? Do you know how to move it properly? Do you feel you are not moving forward on your learning process with your 1x and don’t know what to do?

If you feel like that don’t worry, you are not the only one. Go to your club and take a learn to row boat, easy to control and easy to balance and practice boat skills doing some drills.

My personal opinion is that rowers should practice a lot more on learn to row boats until their coordination and blade work is good enough to jump on a competitive single. The development of your rowing will be better and faster if you make it easier for you slowing down the rowing and minimizing the challenges.

Do you think it makes sense to have a novice driver learning to drive on a Ferrari? Do you think it is an easy car to learn to drive? I’m sure the gears are harder to change on a Ferrari than on a regular car. I understand that you can enjoy a Ferrari when you can handle the gears with no problem and have enough skill to take the curves fast and with control. I believe that when you have become a good driver is when you can really enjoy the upgrades that a Ferrari can offer you.

If you have the chance to get on the water with a learn to row boat, do it even if you have a competitive single. It is a good exercise to do sometimes to work the grip, blade control and pauses during the stroke. Believe me, leave your pride on the side and practice on an easier situation to get our of your dead circle.

If you cannot do this because you don’t have a learn to row boat, get on a Team boat and row having part of the crew balancing the boat. It works the same way. The idea of taking a learn to row boat is that you don’t need anybody to help you and can do it alone all by yourself.

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