Carlos’s Tip # 148: Can the weather conditions change the results of a race?

  • What do you think can happen if we send the finals of the Olympics on different weather conditions? Tail wind, head wind or crosswind.
  • Do you think the crew you row on or the crew you coach is better at tail wind or head wind? Do you think the weather conditions can change the result of for your crew for better or worst?

    We know that some rowers that are strong and don’t have much boat feel can be excited with a head wind. Others with no much power and really good boat skills can be excited with very fast conditions and very bad water.

    We know that rowing on head wind and tail wind feels very different and requires a different aproach.

    Do you think in rowing we have some kind of luck factor depending on the conditions on race day? Do you think that there is some conditions that are better than others for you? Why? Can you change that? Can you train to be good at everything?

    Do you think the result depends somehow on this luck factor of race day based on the water and weather conditions.

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