Carlos’s Tip # 155: # 3 Things to avoid on race day

We are in racing season. What are the 3 things that I will avoid before a race?

1) Don’t spend too much time on the race course. Be efficient with your energy and save energy away from the race course.
2) Don’t change what you have practiced on training. Repeat the warm up, the race plan and relax.
3) Don’t eat too much. Eat what you know works for you before a race. Practice on training what you will eat before your race.

Rowing is a sport of repetition. Rowers need to go down the race course for 2000 meters and it takes from 200 to 250 strokes. There is no contact from crew to crew and everyone’s goal is to get to the finish line on the shortest time. In order to do that each racing crew needs to perform the 250 strokes as well as possible to get the best time they can.

The goal on training is clear:

To develop a system of training that will help us produce a perfect stroke for 250 times at race pace. For that you need to have the proper body coordination, power and fitness to maintain the effort for the duration of the race.

If you look this full race you will see how the winning crew has more than the rest. It is no luck or strategy. What this crew has done is to produce on average 200 better strokes than their rivals. This race was won on training during several months.

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