Carlos’s Tip # 156: BEST training program for my Rowing Team?

Before I answer this question you need to know that there are different ways to win. It all depends on the variables and how many risks you want to take as a coach.

There are some of those systems that do a lot of miles at low rates and others that do almost everything at high rates. You can win both ways.

What is better? Hard to answer….

How do I know what is the best for my Team?

In order to develop a training program you need to know your variables and have answers to them.

1) How long your rowers have been rowing?
2) How much time they have?
3) What is the event they are racing on?
4) What is the distance of the race?
5) If they race open weight or lightweight.
6) If they are naturally strong or not.
7) If they are naturally aerobic or anaerobic.
8) If they are mentally strong or not.
9) If they are on a small group or a large group.
10) Weather and water conditions.
11) Equipment available.
12) How much time you have as a coach.
13) What is your realistic goal with the group.
14) Do you have a budget to race and travel?
15) Do you have a coach?

When you have a clear answer to all of those you can start developing your training system.

To give you some examples:

1) If you have been rowing for only 2 years, you know that you are still on developing your body and coordination and need lots of work at low rate.
2) If you don’t have much time you know that you need to do what is most important.
3) If you are racing a 2x you know that you need to row the 1x and develop plenty of boat feel.
4) If you are racing a 5km race you need to adapt your training to that.
5) If you are racing lightweight you need to reduce the lifting to keep your weight under control.
6) If you are not strong naturally you need to spend more time doing cross training.
7) If you are naturally anaerobic you need to do more aerobic work.
8) If you are not mentally strong you need to develop trainings that help you to become stronger and more confident of your abilities.
9) If you coach a large group you know you cannot give that much individual attention on a daily basis and need to organize once a week some individual coaching or feedback.
10) If you cannot row for 4 months because of ice you need to plan for that doing a training camp and doing some alternative work.
11) If you don’t have equipment for everybody you need to schedule that into their practices and time.
12) If you don’t have much time as a coach you need to use it where it is the more useful for the rowers speed.
13) If you want to win but are too slow your realistic goal should be to go faster than the year before.
14) If you have a good budget you can race more often and travel to training camps looking for good weather.
15) If you don’t have a coach you need to develop your own system and get a way to get some help from some private coaching.

My advice is ask yourself the questions and try to adapt your training plan to the answers.

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