Carlos’s Tip # 157: How much I need to compress at the catch?

You move a boat with a blade. The force and the length of this blade work will determine how much we move the boat each stroke. We know that length of stroke is important. In order to get length the rowers need to compress.
In this picture we can see how this LM4- gets length at the catch. Look at the rower on the bow seat, the front of his seat is almost touching his ankles.

On this other picture we can see this LW2x also compressed very well at the catch. We can also see how they open their knees to get more compression and engage better their gluts.

These two pictures are from 2 Teams that are VERY FAST…

Do somebody says that you need to row with your knees together? or with not that much compression?

My personal opinion is that it DEPENDS.

Coaches need to look outside of the box and try to understand the person they are coaching and the body, strengths and flexibility. These rowers need to use the rigging of the boat to adapt to their body to maximize the potential.

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