Carlos’s Tip # 160: Training #Carlos Dinares# recommends to develop power for rowing

The goal in rowing is to go as fast as you can from the start to the finish line on the water. To do that we need to have different skills and qualities. One of them is power. To move a boat we need power and power give us rhythm.

We need to be able to coordinate our body with the boat and the blade, we need blade control, endurance and many other things to go fast on the water.

What is POWER in sports?
The ability to exert maximum muscular contraction instantly in an explosive burst of movements

This is a good rowing example of power per stroke on the water.
We know how is the rowing stroke. It is dynamic and it has a drive time and a sequence of movements on the water. We also know that the best way to develop power for rowing is to do it doing the rowing movement or parts of the rowing stroke.

Following these points this is my personal approach:

If I need to develop power I want to do it in a way that I destroy as little as possible my rowing coordination and my rowing cycle. We know that

“a good coordinated rowing stroke is a stroke where all the right muscles are firing at the right time and all the other muscles not involved in the movement must relax in the right places at the right speed at the right time. Any act of coordination requires the skill of relaxing the muscles that aren’t essential to the movement. If the non-essential muscles aren’t relaxed, they will cause extraneous movement or tension that interferes in the desired movement and wastes energy”.

This is how Carlos Dinares develops POWER on the rowers he coaches:

1) Bungee work on the water.
2) Low rate work on the water.
3) Rowperfect3 work on the land.
4) Body circuits.
5) Bar circuits.
6) Shuttle MVP.

To this I can add with the help of experts: Dead lifts and cleans.

I will try to talk about each one of those and explain them on the next blogs.

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