Carlos’s Tip # 170: Are you rowing on “Autopilot”

Do you do the same warm up on the water? Do you always feather the same way, all the way or half? Do you place your blade on the water pushing your legs down? Do you balance the boat touching water with your blades? Do you use your time on the recovery always the same way? Do you always work harder at the catch than at the finish? Do you rush to the catch to get better compression, length of stroke? Do you swing your body extra to have your footstretcher closer to the stern? Do you row a soft shaft? Do you row big blades? Do you always stroke or bow? Do you …

What happens if you start changing all these? Do you still know how to row????

Let’s watch this video and see what Andrea had to say when I started changing the way she needed to grip her oar, the half square drill, changing the warm up, changing the way she uses her body on the drive, changing the way she spends her time on the recovery, and on and on…

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