Carlos’s Tip # 171: Carlos Dinares is racing at Northwest Regionals

Today I raced the 1x and a 2x. I raced 4 times, 2 heats and 2 finals. I won the 1x and we were 3rd on the 2x. I raced the 2x with my friend Larry.

I’m at the regatta with my son Jordan! We are having so much fun together!

Today I was able to review again those things:

- How different is the 1x from the 2x.
- How much the weather conditions can change the performances of the players.
- How much the warm up has to do with the race result.
- How much time you need on the water to warm up.
- How to recover from race to race.
- How important is to check your rivals well during the race.
- How important is the start.
- How much energy rigging and driving can take from you.
- How important is to keep positive an focus on the race.
- How different is to race 1000 meters from 2000 meters.
- How important is to keep on your racing line.
- How important is to think about technique and your boat feelings during the race.
- How much the training is the reality of the race result.
- How fun is to line up against other crews and race.

Rowing is a very challenging sport and this is why we all enjoy it so much!

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