Carlos’s Tip # 172: 5 Powerful reasons WHY Carlos Dinares is racing at Northwest regionals?

This weekend I raced at Northwest Master’s regionals my 1x on my age group (40 years old) and on the youngest age group. I won both of the finals after winning both of my heats.

You can see the times of both finals listed.

Final 1: Men’s B 1x Final (40 years old …)

1st Seattle Rowing Center (C. Dinares) – 3:42
2nd Victoria City (P. Walter) – 3:53
3rd Burnaby Lake (J. Gardiner) – 3:55
4th Oregon Association (P. Carroll) – 3:55
5th Portland (E. McCall) – 4:07
6th Pocock (E. Nelson) – 4:07

Final 2: Men’s A 1x Final (30 years old…)

1st Seattle Rowing Center (C. Dinares) – 3:34
2nd Delta Deas (A.Reid) – 3:46
3rd Rose City (D. Ellis) – 3:52
4th Spokane River (M. Voorhees) – 3:58
5th Station L (E. Halprin) – 4:03
6th Sammamish (E. Nelson) -

These are the 5 reasons why I’m racing at regionals this year:

1) The rowers I coach were excited to race the 2x with me and ask me to come. I decided to come and also race my 1x to check my speed at age 40.

2) It is my first time on Vancouver Lake and I was excited to come to see it and row on it.

3) It is always good to get at the start of a competition and race hard and put yourself on pressure. This was a good chance for me to race again. I believe the last time I raced 1000 meters was 2007.

4) I was excited to take my son Jordan and share with him this regatta experience. We are having fun at the race course and at the hotel room!

5) I knew Canadian crews were coming and I was really excited to race them. They are really fast and this was an extra challenge for me. I believe the Northwest rowing is a powerful field (USA and CANADA)and I like to be part of it!

I’m not going to race Master’s Nationals. I’m going to train to get ready for the Head of The charles as my next challenge. I hope I get an entry! I might be racing the 1x or a 2x. I’m still undecided.

I’m having a good time and learning a lot from each race this weekend. I’m really impressed with the number of rowers and people racing at this regional event. I believe this is one of the best races in Northamerica!

Good job Northwest Regionals!

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