Carlos’s Tip # 173: Why is Carlos Dinares rowing his 1x fast at age 40?

We just got home from this weekend of racing. I had a good time.

To be a fast 40 years old sculler I use 2 secret weapons:

1) The Joules x stroke on the Rowperfect3 that I race everyday.

2) The splits on the GPS on my individual rows.

People might not believe me but of every 10 workouts I do, I do  8 on the Rowperfect3 and 2 on the water.

! I train well because I love doing it and it is not HARD for me it is a choice. I love every workout I do and enjoy pushing myself. I do it because I want to do it and it gives me a reason to enjoy life and be happier and healthier. I enjoy the gliding and the run of the boat and feeling strong and powerful on the stroke makes me to feel more the run and this glide. HARD is a mental state. I changed HARD for CHALLENGING.
I love challenging myself to go faster on the water and control more the boat.

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