Carlos’s Tip # 175: Carlos Dinares # I have a vision and I am going to make it come true

What is Carlos Dinares vision for the future?

Rowing has become popular not only with aspiring oarsmen and women, but with the general population who see it as an effective form of fitness training.

Rowing is often labelled as one of the most physically strenuous of all sports, and it’s not without credence…

My vision is that in the near future good trainers and professional athetes will discover the Rowperfect3, a new tool available to the fitness world that will make humans stronger and healthier faster. A tool that improves your athleticism. People will also find out that it won’t injure them like the stationary erg.

Rowing in a machine is ideal because you can do it anytime and anywhere. When you row you are using all your body. Also you are seating and this helps you to be nicer to your body joints.

The way your body moves on the rowing simulator it is a healthy way.

I can see professional athletes, Teams and many rowers using it on their advantage to become better athletes.

The rowperfect3 is the ultimate fitness tool to get very fit. It develops all your body on an amazing way. I train with it everyday and I’m just amazed of the changes on my body and my fitness. Also on my rowing.

The amazing thing about the Rowperfect3 is that it is all developed in the Netherlands. It is an invention and creation of the Original inventor of the Rowperfect, Cas Rekers. The machine is produced in the same factory that started 25 years ago producing the first models of Rowperfect.

What are the key elements that make RP3 unique?

1) It is all developed on stainless steel.
2) It is all made in Europe by the factory that has over 25 years of experience.
3) It is invented by the original inventor “Cas Rekers”
4) It has the best feel and floating motion of any dynamic rowing simulator.
5) It is the only available Dynamic rowing simulator today that is today producing champions.
6) It is the only available Dynamic rowing simultator that gives you full feedback of your power application with a computer software.
7) You can transition from it to rowing on the water better than with any other rowing machine.
8) It has a huge range of Drag factor to develop speed and power.
9) It is developing all the time to be the best it can be adapting to the new technological world.
10) It makes you fitter than any other fitness tool in the world.\

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