Carlos’s Tip # 177: Carlos Dinares made me FASTER

It’s official, I’m faster! Been doing your workout routine on my own boat on Long Beach waters. Much different splits then I usually get. So, I’ll incorporate the routine into my workouts. I’m sweating like crazy. I’m burning a ton of calories because of the work I’m doing so I dropped more weight.

Yes, yes, Carlos made me faster. -Andrea

It is always interesting to get to know what the rowers I coach for few days here at Lake Samish have to say after they comeback home.

What is exciting is that I use 2 coaching strategies that are very spetial:

1) I row with them on the 2x to teach them what they need to feel.

2) I use the Rowperfect3 software to teach them how to use their body better and how it feels when the numbers are good.

All the rowers that come to me experience a revolution on their rowing. A positive experience that helps them to bring their rowing to a higher level.

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