Carlos’s Tip # 178: Carlos Dinares secrets of a good rowing Warm Up

If your train to race and you race to do your best, you need to learn how to peform on race day. To be the fastest you can be on race day you need to get to the start line ready to go fast. The Warm Up is a key element of your preparation to be the Fastest you can BE.

These are the secrets that I use to get ready for a race and give my best performance:

1) Understand that the warm up has 2 goals:

to warm up your body and fisiology to perform.

to get your coordination ready to feel the boat and the water to perform your best strokes and the more efficient rowing.

For that I use different parts of the warm up for each of these parts.

2) Do the pieces at race pace on the direction of the race course.

I feel the boat at speed on the same conditions I will be racing.

3) Decide the length of the warm up and the intensity depending on:

the weather, temperature and if you had a race before or not and how tired or rested you are.

4) Practice your warm up on training to know what works best for you.

Everyone is different and everyone can find the best warm up to get ready. The best you know what is the best warm up is the warm up that makes you to feel ready.

5) Be open to change your warm up if conditions change during the warm up or you feel something different that you didn’t predict before.

To be always open to feel and adapt, change. For example reduce your pieces if you feel tired or do more drills if you feel to tense.

6) Always think positive and talk to you on a positive way.

When I warm up I always talk to myself and tell myself that I’m ready. I always like to motivate myself. If I feel tired I think about all these races I felt tired and I was fine going down the course. I also think that it is good to be nervous and that I train to race and I’m excited to find out where I’m.

Be always proud to be at the start and to have had the guts to show up and race. It is not good or bad it is racing and going down the course and racing is by itself a success. You have worked for it, you have got there and now you are celebrating with other racers a arty down the course.

7) Don’t think how you are going to do the start or move the blade out of the water or do the release. It all comes natural and we just need to let ourselves to flow and go for it. If we think we have a different part of our brain direct our body and it makes us fail. Just go for it and your body will remember from the repetitions done on training.

8) Structure and visualize your warm up after you get to know the race course, the warm up area, rules and traffic pattern. Be always aware of what is going to happen and what are the rules and directions. Ask as many questions as you need to the empires if you are confuse.

9) Look around a lot. You don’t want to have an accident.

Be sure you get to the start safe and also you don’t crash any other boat because you are not following the right traffic pattern. You want to be sure you can go down the course. For that you need to get to the start safe and ON TIME!!

10) Be sure your hands are clean and your grips too. You don’t want to start sweating and losing your grip.

Also be sure your boat is ready and your oarlocks closed well. Be sure before you get on the water that all your screws are tight.

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