Carlos’s Tip # 181: Highly concentrated rowing is very powerful

Bad concentration or distraction is usually mentioned by rowers as a reason for poor performance.
Concentration is a concept everyone feels that they understand immediately. However, improving concentration skills is not simply a case of trying harder to concentrate. It is a case of knowing what to concentrate on and focusing attention on these factors.

Concentration is defined as ‘the process by which all thoughts and senses are focused totally upon a selected object or activity to the exclusion of everything else’ It is worth emphasising here that concentration is a process that changes over time and that maintaining the intensity and focus of concentration requires effort.
Recognising this factor is important because it means that concentration can vary in both intensity and focus. We can be focusing on the key parts of performance at one moment, but be distracted the next. It also suggests that expressing concentration in terms of a percentage is a helpful way of examining the concept.

What do we focus on while we row? What do we concentrate on?

This is a very good question that every rower needs to have an answer for. It is easy to say to concentrate and to focus but hard to know if we are concentrating on the right things or focusing our attention on the key points.

I believe every rower needs to know what rowing properly feels like and needs to have had the experience. I highly encourage to everyone to row with more experience rowers on a Team boat and learn from them the right feel. Learn from them how they do it and how it feels. Another way is to have the chance to row on a Rowperfect3 and learn from the feedback of the computer and then feel and understand.

When we know how it should feel. When we have real feedback of what is correct and better, then, is when concentration and focus can give the most.

Rowing is so complex and there are so many variables that make the sport so difficult that concentration and focus are the only way to improve on every practice.

A rower should always row focus on his rowing and the feel of the boat.
A rower should know what he needs to be thinking about.
A rower should practice motivated to be focus to improve.
A rower should know if what he is doing is correct or not.
A rower should understand the direct correlation from concentration to performance.
A rower should know that perfect practice makes champions and perfect practice comes with intentional practice that can only be produced with high levels of concentration.

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