Carlos’s Tip # 183: What do a Circus acrobat and a rower have in common?

Today when I was rowing my 1x at Lake Samish I felt like a Circus acrobat. Why?

Today after 30 minutes of rowing my single at low rate I felt in perfect synergy with the boat, the water, my oars and my body. What this means?
I felt the boat running in this perfect water. At this moment my body was moving on top of it, up and down the slide non stop totally synchronize with the boat, the blades and the water connection. The timing on the blades with the boat and my body was right and I could feel all the elements being at the right place, at the right moment doing what they were suppose to do.
It was a feel of just doing it right because all the elements were matching and doing their job correctly.
At this moment I felt like I was a Circus acrobat doing a hard play with plenty of elements involved.
When you get to one of these moments when you are rowing and everything flows right on a dynamic way and all the elements coordinate to each other, it is a moment of maximum satisfaction and pleasure.

Rowing efficient is not easy. To get there you need to work on several elements under my personal opinion:

1) You need to be in good shape, with a balanced body, healthy and injury free.
2) You need to be on a weight that is correct for you where you can control your body and move well with the boat.
3) You need to have good blade control.
4) You need to coordinate the good stroke regularly with a good connection and power application.
5) You need to have good water and a good boat to practice on.

You can work on the Rowperfect3 with the software on number 1) 2) and 3)

When you work on all of these elements and you feel the real flow and good rowing is when you can start fully understanding the sport of rowing and the satisfaction of doing it correctly. The reward is the flowing motion and the speed on racing.

In this next video you can see a rower I’m coaching at Lake Samish. I’m teaching him to feel the boat, to row with the boat and to coordinate with the boat and his body. My main goal is to teach him to love rowing and to get him addicted to the flow and the satisfaction of going fast with little effort, rowing efficient. He is a very young rower that is following the 5 elements to achieve eventually speed and good boat control.

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