Carlos’s Tip # 184: Good rowing technique for Carlos Dinares

In this video you can see good rowing, just relax and making things flow and happen:

- Good grip
- Good length of stroke
- Good rhythm
- Good body posture
- Good blade work
- Good connection
- Good acceleration
- Good head position
- Good relaxation….

Visualization is Not Only Seeing

It’s really easy to miss the feeling portion of all this. If you can’t feel it but can only see it, ask yourself, “What is stopping me from feeling this rowing strokes?”

Look and see if there is a possibility that you are visualizing something you really aren’t ready for at this time. You may not feel it yet. You may feel you want to but you don’t know how.

To feel good rowing you need to know what to do and when you are doing it right to keep doing it over and over again until it is wired on your motor system.

To learn how good rowing feels I use 2 systems:

1) To row with a rower that produces good rowing on a Team boat and feel how it is done.
2) To row on a Rowperfect3 and learn from the feedback of the software when when the power curve is done correctly and feel it.

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