Carlos’s Tip # 189: # 3 Things to double-check on your rigging in order to have good posture at the catch

Every rower is different.
Rowers have different length of arms, legs, torso….
Rowers have different body strengths on their arms, core, legs, gluts, lats ….
Rowers have different flexibility on their body parts.
Rowers have different boat skills.

All those listed parts have something to do with the way the boat needs to be adjusted and rigged to the rower.

What are these 3 key things to double-check on your rigging to have a good posture at the catch?

1) Placement of footstretcher, angle and height.
2) Length of oar, inboard and outboard.
3) position of rigger (Height and work through the pin).

The way you play with these 3 listed parts will have a direct impact on the way you look at the catch and how you row. There are different styles and different ways to rigg your boat. Everyone of them will make you look different at the catch and also will make you row using different skills, style. What is important is to know what to change, how and what are the consequences. Also how to rigg for your body in order to give you the best chance to lever the best you can with the body you have.

Also rigging team boats with different rowers will be a very important part to have them row alike.

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