Carlos’s Tip # 190: Warning: If you are not improving, change what you are doing

The great thing about making the rowers you coach to believe in themselves is that you bring their self confidence up. You help them to believe in themselves and the training they are doing because they can see how they are getting faster with objective data and racing results.

Doubt to an athlete is a big problem. As a coach you need o help your athletes to create a mind-set that is inmune to doubt and uncertainty. If the rowers don’t believe on the training system they are on, they have a problem.

To go fast, one must remove doubt from the mind. For sure to believe you can be the best you can be the first thing that needs to happen is that your coach needs to honestly believe in you as a rower and in his training system.

As Arsene Wenger said:

” To perform to your maximum you have to teach yourself to believe with an intensity that goes beyond logical justification. No top performer has lacked this capacity for irrational optimism; no sports-man has played to his potential without the ability to remove doubt from his mind”
One of the most remarkable findings of modern psychology is the extraordinary capacity of human beings to mold the evidence to fit their beliefs rather than the other way around; it is our capacity to believe in spite of the evidence and sometimes in spite of our deeply held beliefs. And it is this capacity, more than any other, that distinguishes top athletes from the rest.
If you don’t believe on the system you have, the coach, the training or your teammates, you will have a hard time to achieve your best and become the best you can be.

You can believe in you and in your potential but you cannot win without doing the work better than your rivals. To go fast you need to have a good training system and be consistent with it.

If you are training hard and not improving or getting better, change what you are doing and try something different.

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