Carlos’s Tip # 191: Are all your rowing gadgets making you faster? Are you trapped with too much data?

The difference of being efficient vs. being effective. I can see how so many rowers are daily losing this fight without realizing they are part of it! Understanding the difference is the key to success.

To be fair, our culture pushes efficiency. Whether it’s the latest smart-phone with instant email and text messaging, or the most recent time-management seminar you attended, it’s all about efficiency. Do more, do more, do more. Funny how technology has played a dirty trick on us, though. Remember how high-tech gadgets were supposed to do all our work for us so that we had plenty of free time? Instead, our gadgets have made it such that you cannot escape even if you wanted to…and everybody expects an instant answer to any question they have in real time. You are working harder and longer than ever before. But, to what end?

We all know that all these gadgets are good and help us to get faster by giving as good feedback. The key point is how much do we use them? When? For what? How?

Video cameras, GPS, speed coaches, power curves, powermeters, stroke coaches, heart rate monitors, lactates, Vo2analysis, altitude training, video analysis, etc….

I believe the future of rowing is technology but I also believe that technology that is not used properly in a good system can make us slower.

Consider your role as a coach or rower. Have you gotten trapped in striving for efficiency at the expense of effectiveness?

Is busyness effectively making you faster or making you a better coach? You can be the most efficient rower or coach ever, but accomplish absolutely nothing in the process.

We don’t need to forget our goal: SPEED and IMPROVEMENT. We are good if we get FASTER, not if we use more gadgets or we are more busy.

Yes, you need to be efficient…but only when you are focusing first on being effective.

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