Carlos’s Tip # 192: How to ROW the 1x versus the 8+?

Are you rowing the same way all the rowing events? Are you rowing your 1x like your 4x? The 4+ or 2- like the 8+?
What are the differences?
Why do you need to row them differently?

There is a key element: The speed of the boat.

On a slow boat like a 1x, 2-, 4+:

1) You have more time to catch the water. You can carve more the water.
2) The drive is slower that means that the legs won’t be as fast and the second part of the stroke will play a bigger role.
3) You need to be stronger on your core because the load on your ribs is higher.
4) You need more endurance because the race is longer.
5) You might be rowing longer at race pace because your stroke rate will be lower.

On a fast boat like a 4x or an 8+:

1) The catch needs to be really fast to catch the water. You need to be really quick, some crews attack the water agressive and are successful.
2) The drive is faster that means that the legs will go down really fast and you will use the first part of the stroke mostly to accelerate the boat. The second part of the stroke won’t be as important.
3) You will lose power if your row too much on the fast boats because the load is lower.
4) You need to train more the lactic via because the race can be as fast as 5:20.
5) You need to be used to row at really high rates all the way down the course.

Said that my advise here is that you use the combination of both to become a good rower and you focus your training on the one you are going to race.

For example if I need to race the 2x or 4x, I will use the 1x to get strong and learn about control and myself. I will train on the 1x my core and my power and take that to a faster boat to become more coordinated and quick. At the same time I will learn to match to others and to work as a Team.

The same think happens with and 8+. If I coach an 8+ and they don’t have the chance to row on 1x I will use the Rowperfect3 to do the same work. I will coach them on the rowperfect3 to develop their core, power and coordination at lower speed of flywheel and take that later to the 8+. I will do that also with 2- and 1x if they have the skill and time. Many rowers don’t have the skill on the small boats and cannot use them to really get stronger. This is why the use of the rowperfect3 is so important to help them develop in a different path that is asking for speed on the long and fast boats before they know how to handle a small boat.

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