Carlos’s Tip # 195: Uncomfortable training choices force you to evolve on your rowing

We always have heard that it is always the ones who are more consistent who win. But this is not that simple.

Consistent at what?

To improve your rowing performance you NEED to be consistent in doing things that are UNCOMFORTABLE and HARD and those things will force you to evolve.

What are these UNCOMFORTABLE things? Here are some examples:

1- Row at low rates to develop power per stroke and control of your boat- 18 to 20 maximum strokes x minute.
2- Row as long as possible non stop.
3- Be focus on your rowing, purposeful practice, deep practice.
4- Be consistent on your training.
5- Eat better and sleep more.
6- Give up money to earn for more free time to use on yourself.
7- Do some hard workouts to push your body to new limits.
8- Listen at your coach and make the suggested changes and be consistent on them.
9- Do more what you don’t like to do that will help you to improve.
10- Eat less and exercise more.

Some of us will do anything to avoid what’s hard, and the result is, we never grow, evolve, and learn.

You need to create and ENERGY of discomfort in your training that will make you jump to another level.

HOW can you IMPROVE your rowing SPEED?

By being more consistent than anybody at doing things that stretch to new levels your rowing skills and body, so that that you become a better and faster rower than what you are right now.

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