Carlos’s Tip # 204: Carlos Dinares 5 reasons why rowing on perfect water helps you to improve faster

I started rowing on the port of Barcelona where we never had perfect water. Because of that i couldn’t understand what relaxation and feel for the boat was. I was always on tension waiting for something to happen to the boat and adapt to it with tension and a rigid body. It wasn’t until I started to row on perfect water that I was able to learn to relax and feel the boat. I can talk about it because I experience it myself.

I’ve been in both learning systems and I know the difference. Perfect water makes perfect rowing.

1- Perfect water doesn’t make the boat move or bounce random. You get a direct feedback of what you do, like on an ergometer where nothing changes.
2- Perfect water helps you to be consistent because there is nothing changing, the water is the same and the boat too. You are the only one who can change.
3- Perfect water makes it an easier platform to learn to feel the boat and match rowers on a Team boat.
4- Perfect water makes rowing easier and more simple. Easier and more simple is better on the learning process.
5- Perfect water makes rowing more enjoyable and more fun. This is good because it makes us excited to practice more often.

Here in this video we can see the french Team that is really good on small boats rowing on good water.
When you are good on good water and can relax and flow and feel, you can then row on bad water easier because you can adapt and flow with whatever comes that you don’t know.

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