Carlos’s Tip # 205: Carlos Dinares TOP 10 Rules to race at your top

These are 10 simple rules I follow when I race myself or coach a boat. I hope they help you!

1- Be rested and feel fresh.
2- If you are taking a plane be sure you clean your hands at the airport and plane, also pack your own good food.
3- Adapt to the new time zone at home or on the race area before is too late.
4- Don’t do too much prior the race, just get ready to the new feel of the water and the boat.
5- Row the same way you were rowing on your training, don’t change, repeat what you know best.
6- Stay away from the sun and drink plenty of water.
7- If you row a weight restricted event, be sure you are on weight well in advance to adapt. You don’t want to have problems with weight on a hot climate. You need to drink fluids to recover.
8- Keep positive even if things don’t go as you had planned. Be sure you do your best even on adversity conditions.
9- Understand the regatta as a whole packet from the moment you rigg the boat until you finish your last race. Be smart on how you recover from race to race and how you save energy.
10- Be sure by the end of the race you take your time to seat with your coach and analyze the result and performance. This will help you to plan your next step towards your next goal.

Good luck on your racing!

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