Carlos’s Tip # 207: Learn direct from the rowers

It is so amazing to listen to rowers and see how much you can learn from their personal opinions, problems and ideas. Rowers want to have something to say and want to be respected for the work they do and the sacrifices they make.

The rowers are the ones that put  in the work and make it happen.

Rowers are the reason I’m coaching. It is so amazing to have access to such motivated people that will do whatever it takes to succeed. It is exciting is to be around people who want to succeed at any cost, even painful cost.

I feel so thankful for that.

The coaches are the facilitators that help the rowers with advice and direction to make it happen.
At the end of the journey the medal is for the athlete and the coach gets only the satisfaction of seeing that gratitude and feeling of accomplishment from the rowers he has had the chance to help and influence.

I keep telling the rowers I coach that they are good to me as long as they get to the top of their ability. Winning or losing is very often something you don’t have control because it depends on your competition.  I believe in the talent of the athletes  and I believe I’m giving them my best.

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