Carlos’s Tip # 208: TOP 15 key BASIC INGREDIENTS for a NEW ROWER

If I get a new rower or a rower that is not moving the boat well this is what I do:

I run the 15 KEY HOT BASICS of Rowing to be sure he understands them well and learns to do them.
I know that by understanding them and doing them well, the rower will start developing correctly.

What are these TOP 15 HOT INGREDIENTS?

1- Grip to the oar.
2- Footstretcher placement in the boat.
3- Hip rotation.
4- Drive sequence.
5- Recovery sequence.
6- Blade work.
7- Oarlock and oars collars work during stroke.
8- Timing at the catch and release.
9- Connection to the water.
10- Rythme.
11- Floating motion.
12- Acceleration.
13- Square- feather
14- Balance.
15- Hands and feet pressure and feel.

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