Carlos’s Tip # 69: Carlos Dinares talks about the racing start

Carlos Dinares gives you in this video his personal opinion of what a good start should look like. Carlos coaches his rowers to get the racing lead as soon as possible and he knows that a good racing start can give you a good advantage. Carlos thinking is that if you have the lead you are winning and in order to lose somebody needs to pass you. He likes his crews to lead from the first stroke if possible.

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Carlos says that rowing is a unique sport where you have a visual control of your rivals when you are in front. For Carlos this is a huge advantage for the leading crews and disadvantage for the other crews that need to turn their heads to see where the leaders are.

Carlos believes that having a very fast start is a huge advantage for High school, college and masters rowing. Carlos knows that normally the fastest crews out of the start on these categories are the ones who have the biggest chance to win.

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