Carlos’s Tip # 79: Do you need to hold your arms straight at the catch with your elbow locked?

Carlos Dinares believes that every rower’s body is different. Each person has different body proportions and different elbows, lats, hips … Carlos wants you to look at these 2 pictures of this 2x and see how they look at the catch when they are engaging all their body to move the boat.

On this second picture you can see very clear that the stroke is breaking his right arm when the bow seat is keeping it more straight. Who is right. BOTH. Why?

Carlos Dinares knows that in order to load your body weight and take the boat and move it away at the catch each rower needs to find out the best way to do this. Even each stroke is different depending on how engaged and connected one rower is in relationship to the others. Carlos believes that coaches are coaching positions to their athletes that most of the times are not correct because of the lack of strength or not taking into consideration the rigging. Carlos knows that the positioning of the arms will change depending on the rigging and the wind direction. The heavier the boat the more rowers will break their arms. Also the faster the boat the more the rowers will break their arms to help them find the connection to the water as soon as possible if their timing at the catch is not good enough.

Carlos Dinares wants also you to think about your wrist position, elbow and shoulders. All 3 of them will help you to engage your core and lats better. The wole body is a unit and all the parts are connected with key positioning to be engaged. Rowing is about engaging the right muscles and this gets achieved by having the right positioning of the different body parts and a good coordination to the load moving non stop.

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