Carlos’s Tip # 81: Carlos Dinares talks about the timing at the catch

Carlos Dinares shows on this video him rowing the 1x. You can see the aproach of the blade to the water and the entry and loading. Carlos Dinares has rowed on the water on the last 4 months no more than 20 times. He has trained and maintained his skill training on the land on a dynamic erg with the use of computer software. Carlos believes that with the use of the proper dynamic erg, rowers can stay away from the water longer without losing that much. Carlos is an example of it.

Carlos Dinares knows that to have good timing at the catch the rowers need to train their coordination always on a dynamic way. The Concept2 stationary erg destroys the timing at the catch by forcing the rower to wait to engage until his body mass has changed totally of direction against the stationary erg. On the water or good dynamic erg, the catch happens direct as the mass of the rower and the mass of the boat move on opposite directions and find each other at the catch. It happens direct. On the stationary erg this connection is delayed a long time making the timing to be destroyed. Carlos Dinares catch is a good example of good training always on a dynamic situation.

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