Carlos’s Tip # 83: Carlos Dinares: How many strokes it takes to be the best you can be?

Carlos Dinares knows that many new rowers or parents are asking themselves this question all the time and the answer is clear: It depends on how good are those strokes you take. Carlos Dinares likes the european systems where rowers start rowing on small boats and away from the rowing machine. They develop their skills, play and learn how a boat moves. They learn to feel, have fun and play with the boat before the training focus on performance and fitness. Carlos believes that to focus on racing and winning on the early stage of the development is detrimental and doesn’t help the rowers to focus on having fun and learning to row well. Looking for speed too early accelerates the achievement of speed on the short term but it slows down on the long term goal the path to excellence and being the best you can be. Look at this video and see how these kids move the boat and their body…..

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