Carlos’s Tip # 85: Carlos Dinares: Determination to row better and faster

Carlos Dinares knows that the power of intention is key to produce a desired result. Carlos believes that ANY rower with a good training System can get FASTER and row BETTER.

Carlos Dinares quotes Ursula’s Grobler words: “She lists her coach, Carlos Dinares, as the most influential person in her sporting career for taking a chance on her and believing in her before anyone else did…”

Carlos Dinares gave Ursula the chance to develop and train the way he believed is the right one. Carlos always believed from the start that Ursula could be really fast by working on excellence every single day, every single stroke. Carlos believes that Ursula is an amazing athlete with impressive talents. Carlos Dinares describes Ursula’s top talent on believing in him and doing all the work every single day for 4 years.

Carlos Dinares believes that the combination of the development of coordination and dynamic power is the key to rowing success in new rowers like Ursula. Carlos uses the Rowperfect3 and the 2x with the new athletes to help them to develop coordination, body strength and boat feel as soon as possible.

Carlos keeps training and pushing himself to be able to help others. He trains everyday to be available to teach and help. Carlos Dinares doesn’t need to race to keep motivated to work hard, his goal is clear:

“If I want the rowers I help to work hard and go through the pain, I need to feel this pain myself to understand what they are feeling and going through. When you don’t train hard you forget how hard it is. I don’t want to go there for the moment and this is why I keep pushing myself. Doing the hard work keeps me humble every single day… I have so much respect for the people who train hard and commit to the work to achieve their best, whatever the final result is”

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