Carlos’s Tip # 90: Carlos Dinares 3 key ingredients to make fast rowers

Carlos Dinares understands that in order to be a good rower you need to develop all your training program based on these 3 ingredients of the pie. When you have the pie ready you can really make a good pie, a fast rower.

1) Working on the Frame:

Carlos Dinares knows that to have a good rower you need to develop the frame, the body. This body needs to have the right strengths on the right places, posture and needs to be adapted to moving a boat. If you look at top rowers you will see that many of them have developed their body on a similar way, to move a boat fast. Carlos uses rowing on the water, boungee work, bar and body circuits and some weight lifting low reps and heavy load to develop this body. The biggest percentage of this development gets done on the water, the rowperfect3 with heavy drag and low rates and body circuit reps on land.

2) Working on the coordination, boat feel and blade control:

Carlos Dinares knows that to have a fast rower you need to develop the right coordination on his body to be able to move the boat in a very efficient way. Also you develop the blade control, boat feel and adapt to any weather and water conditions. If you take a look at top crews you will see how easy they look going at full speed and how organized their movements are. Also you will see they can win in any weather or water conditions because they can adapt and excell at any conditions. Carlos uses the rowperfect3 software to wire the proper coordination and the water rowing and uses the water to develop all the learning process to blade control, boat control and weather, water changes.

3) Working on the engine:

Carlos Dinares knows that to have a fast rower you need to be able to sustain the effort, intensity for the duration of the race. For that the rower needs to develop a good engine that will help to keep the intensity of the stroke needed to win for the whole distance of the race. The engine will be the insides of the body of the rower, the fisiological adaptations and talents that will help him to go further than the rest with less effort. Lactate tolerance, treshold, heart size, capilarization, Vo2max consumption and many others will be the ones that make this engine perfect and ready to excell

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