Carlos’s Tip # 92: What is the wrong workout for Carlos Dinares?

For Carlos Dinares the wrong workout is to do too many pieces at high rates when the coordination and body strengths are not developed. Carlos uses the body circuits on land and the rowperfect3 to work on lactate tolerance and tries to minimize the times he spends on the water doing very high lactate pieces at high rates. Carlos Dinares believes that a rower needs to row as much as possible on the water everyday if possible at low rates and doing it right. Every stroke needs to be perfect.

This is an example of a crew that developed most of their lactate work at low rates or on the land with body circuits. Look how their body and coordination looks like. This boat became Olympic champion in 2004.

Carlos Dinares believes that a rower cannot perform good technique on a boat at high rates until he has developed the right body strengths and wired the right coordination. Carlos Dinares uses the low rates to wire the good coordination on the body and the right powers/strengths. Carlos knows that you cannot perform good rowing at high rates until those parts are well developed. Carlos only uses the high rates on builders, starts, 10-20 and 40 strokes pieces and some pre- race pieces. Carlos Dinares training system has the rowers training @ rates from 18 to 26 for most of the time.

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