Carlos’s Tip # 94: What is Carlos Dinares rowing dream?


“To hell with that. If a guy can pull a big erg, I can teach him how to row.” — A top USA american coach in response to the phrase ‘ergs don’t float’.


“If you get to score on a stationary erg, training away from it, you can be a real champion!” – Many top International crews are the example of that.

Carlos Dinares believes that rowing is a sport of coordination and in order to learn properly the cycle of the stroke, the teaching needs to be done from the start the right way. Carlos knows that many rowers coming from High school and college programs only focus on having a good concept2 score to get recruited and to access the National Team.

This under carlos’s opinion is not correct because it is the wrong approach to rowing. It is not possible to teach how to row well every person who has a big erg.

Under his opinion the key is to teach people how to row properly and then test their fitness with a rowing machine. If you teach people to row on the stationary rowing machine that doesn’t simulate the movement of rowing and test them, don’t believe they will move a boat or even be able to row ever properly. Also you might know that you are wiring the wrong patterns of coordination on their body that will be later really difficult to remove.

Many coaches have used the rowing machine and the scores to push rowers to amazing levels of fitness when others didn’t do it. You can push yourself more on the land, all by yourself and with feedback every stroke than on an 8+, on a windy day and feeling tired. But one thing these coaches didn’t focus on was that they were wiring the wrong patterns of coordination and injuring rowers because of the training on the stationary rowing machine. This is under Carlos Dinares personal opinion a rowing mistake of the USA system that needs to change and improve.

Do you think you can teach these people how to row well- Move a boat for sure?

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