Carlos’s Tip # 96: Carlos Dinares: It is good that coaches talk about how rowing feels

Carlos Dinares is always talking about how the rowing sport feels. Carlos Dinares knows that in order to be a good rower you need to be efficient and to be efficient you need to know how efficient rowing feels like. The way rowers learn to know how it feels is by rowing with other rowers that have the experience of knowing how good rowing feels like. Feeling the water, feeling the run of the boat, developing feel for the grip, footstretcher pressure, body positioning and the boat movements is all on the process of becoming a good rower. Carlos Dinares uses the rowperfect3 software to learn how your body can develop the most efficient stroke by learning how to move it with the feedback of the numbers. Carlos asks his rowers to keep repeating this ideal stroke to wire eventually the movement on their motor system and develop the right body strengths. Carlos also asks the rowers he coaches to learn the feel of this good stroke that gives the right power curve and numbers and take it to the water. Carlos Dinares also uses the 2x to teach the feel of good blade work and boat control to the rowers that haven’t had the chance to learn from other experience rowers.



A coach should talk or learn about:

- How it feels when you are connected to the water.

- How it feels when you are connected to the footstretcher.

- How it feels when you use well your body weight correctly.

- How it feels when you change direction well at catch and release.

- How it feels when you have the boat running under you.

- How it feels when you engage your lower back, lats, glutes, core.

- How it feels when you have good rythm and ratio.

- How it feels when you move the body mass correctly against the boat mass.

- How it feels when you have a good start.

- How it feels when you row efficient and get to go fast with minimal effort.


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