Carlos’s Tip # 98: Carlos Dinares: Zipper and Dynamic erg rowing?

Carlos Dinares didn’t invent the dynamic rowing machine: Rowperfect; the original inventor was Cas Rekers and the machine has been in use for over 20 years. What it is revolutionary about Carlos’ aproach with the new Rowperfect3 is the imagination and creativity on how to use it to achieve extra speed in rowing. In today’s rowing world, rowers and coaches fear to get away from the stationary erg and the power of the C2 score. Coaches and rowers are used to that and are underestimating the power of the new Rowperfect3 and it’s software that Cas Rekers designed before he died last september. This new design of the new generation of Cas Rekers Rowperfect: The rowperfect3, gives plenty of new features and advantages that the old machine didn’t have. 

Carlos Dinares compares the zipper evolution from its invention to its popularity that underwent many design changes before it found its way to your new pair of jeans, to the evolution that the rowing world is experiencing moving away from the stationary ergometer to the dynamic one. The modern version of the Zipper, invented by Gideon Sundback in 1917, took time to be accepted in the garment industry. It was originally used for boots and tobacco pouches. A marketing group at B.F. Goodrich gave the invention its catchy name and promoted it as allowing children to fasten their own clothing. Now, anyone can use one.

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